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60-seconds with Dr Michael Wulder, Satellite and laser data for detailed forest maps & dynamics


60-seconds with Dr Evgenii Ponomarev, Long-term Remote Monitoring of Wildfires in Siberia


60-second science with Dr. Pavel Grabarnik: Improving spatial tree pattern analysis in forestry


60 seconds with Dr Hélène Genet: policy implications of projected changes in Alaska’s carbon budget


60-second science with Dr. Andreas Brunner, managing silver birch — Norway spruce forest mixes


60-second science with Maija Kymäläinen: Torrefaction to improve wood fuel properties


60-second science with Dr. Chris Woodall: Importance of inventorying carbon in Alaska’s forests


60-second science with Dr. Ryan Bright: Holistic climate assessments of boreal forests


60-seconds with Dr. Pierre Bernier, quantifying climate change impacts to inform forest management


60 seconds with Dr Florian Kraxner: Global Forest Certification Mapping using geo-wiki.org


60-seconds with Françoise Martz: Impacts of winter climate and snow changes on the boreal forest


60-second science with Teppo Jylänki, DataPuu — forest experiment data services

60-second science with Dr Rainer Peltola: Pollination in the boreal forests of Finland



2013 IBFRA Conference Summary – “Boreal Forests at Risk: From Boreal Science to Public Policy”