The IBFRA Insight Process involves assessing and synthesizing the science related to climate change in the boreal and based on this review making evidence-based policy recommendations for adaptive and sustainable boreal forest management. Our ambition is to provide an IPCC-like assessment of scientific consensus on selected topics.

How does it work?

An expert review panel selects or is asked to address one policy relevant topic per year, such as “what are the positive and negative impacts of climate change on the boreal?” Or “what are socially-acceptable types of forest management, wood production and bioenergy uses for climate mitigation?” The panel then conducts an extensive review and synthesis of existing research related to the selected topic to produce a policy brief and peer-reviewed article with a view to making a significant contribution to circumboreal forest policy based on sound science.

Results are then subject to an expert review process. Feedback gathered will be taken up and ensure broader scientific expertise feeding into the outcomes.

Expected outcomes

  • Determine the state of knowledge on climate change in the boreal specifically – where there is scientific agreement or gaps
  • Provide policymakers with scientific assessments on climate change in the boreal, possible implications, and potential future risks
  • Develop adaptation and mitigation options (policy relevant not prescriptive)

Current status

The first and currently ongoing IBFRA Insight Process (2018-2020) is being led by the Future Forests platform at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The topic is Sustainable boreal forest management: challenges and opportunities for climate change mitigation. It will address climate change impacts, role of forests in mitigating climate change and the ways in which the forest sector can contribute to net negative emissions.

Together with a committee of members appointed by the IBFRA Steering Committee, the Future Forest platform shares responsibility in finding a diversity of experts from boreal countries, as well as ensuring transparency in the assessment process.

The IBFRA Insight Process originates from the 2018 Haparanda Ministerial Declaration on Circumboreal Cooperation on Forests with a view to strengthen collaboration between boreal countries. The Swedish Forest Agency and the Future Forest platform is providing the financing.

More information can be found here.