What’s your research story? Message from the IBFRA President

Dear fellow boreal researchers,

We want to hear from you. In our first newsletter, we announced several new social media services designed to help us met our objectives of promoting research related to boreal forests and connecting those involved in boreal forest research. If you haven’t already done so, then I encourage you to check out our websiteFacebook page, YouTube channel and Research Gate project. You can also follow us on Twitter (@BorealForest).

The great thing about these platforms is that we can promote boreal forest research; your research. So we want to hear from you. What new articles have you just published? What new research are you working on? What have you recently read that you found interesting? What would you like to collaborate on across the circumboreal region? Let us know and we would be delighted to highlight your stories.

In our second issue, we begin by highlighting the special issue of the Canadian Journal of Forest Research focusing on the 2015 IBFRA conference in Finland. We also have part 1 of a series that focuses on social media for scientists. An update on the 2017 IBFRA conference, Our Boreal Our Future, as well as more 60-second science round out this issue.

Connect with us, share your knowledge, spread the word.


Rasmus Astrup
IBFRA President

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