President’s welcome

Dear fellow boreal researchers,

I am pleased to announce a number of new services by the International Boreal Forest Research Association (IBFRA). The first is our new website which will highlight our activities and the work of boreal researchers across the biome. In addition, our plan is to release an IBFRA newsletter 4-6 times per year. In each issue, we will bring you an update on current IBFRA activities and upcoming events as well as highlights of current boreal forest research. We hope you will find it of interest and feel free to suggest content, including your own important research activities!

As well, we have also launched a series of social media tools, including Facebook (, Twitter (@BorealForest) and a YouTube channel ( Like us, follow us and join us in celebrating our rich boreal forests and the important work that you do to contribute to their understanding and sustainability.

Stay tuned as we will be officially announcing the 2017 IBFRA conference shortly.

As a brief introduction, IBFRA was formed in 1991 with the mission to promote and coordinate research related to boreal forests. Our objectives are to:

  • Contribute to the sustainable development of boreal forests by promoting and coordinating fundamental and applied research and relevant activities relating to forest ecosystems, forest management, forest products and all forms of forest use within the boreal zone
  • Promote and coordinate research to increase understanding of the role of boreal forest ecosystems in the global environment and the effects of environmental change on that role
  • Promote the dissemination of research results and transfer of new technology and the adoption of new methods of forest utilization, planning and social organization, with a view to ensuring sustainable development and preservation of boreal forest ecosystems

To accomplish this, we:

  • Connect researchers, graduate students and others interested in boreal forest research
  • Encourage innovation and knowledge-sharing on key boreal forest issues
  • Promote a multidisciplinary approach for boreal forest research activities
  • Assist in generating partnerships and connections with boreal forest research institutions across the circumboreal region to provide members with networking opportunities


Rasmus Astrup
IBFRA President

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