60-Second Science

Announcing IBFRA’s 60 Second Science video series. Visit our YouTube channel to view leading boreal researchers taking one minute to highlight their important work. You can also visit our video page on this website.

First up, watch Dr. Michael Wulder of the Canadian Forest Service talk about his work on using satellite and laser data to produce detailed forest maps that are being used to address many questions related to forest change, including both depletions (largely via fire and harvest) as well as recovery post disturbance (characterized using lidar). Mike and his team have been using tens of thousands of Landsat images to characterize, on an annual basis, conditions and changes over Canada’s forests in a systematic and transparent fashion for the period from 1984 to present day. Their goal is to produce data products that support science, monitoring and reporting activities to facilitate the flow of information from scientists to policy makers and the wider public.

A few others include:

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