2017 IBFRA conference registration is now open!

Registration for the 18th IBFRA conference, “Our Boreal Our Future: The Science, Policy and Practice of Addressing Change”, is now open.

Registration fees for the conference are based on early and late registration periods and the type of registration selected (student or professional). Registering on or before March 31, 2017 will offer the lowest registration fees. The registration fees will increase by 15% beginning April 1, 2017. Advanced registration will end 1 week prior to the conference in order to make all final preparations. Those who wish to register during this period will be directed to register on site at the conference in Bangor, Maine.

Registration Fees

Registration Type     Early Period      Late Period
Professional               $525.00 USD       $625.00 USD
Student                        $325.00 USD       $325.00 USD

Go to http://2017ibfra.org to register online.

Registration Information

Advanced, online registration and payment of registration fees is required in order to attend the conference. Go to http://2017ibfra.org to complete a web form which will allow you to select registration type, fees and tour options. Payments will be accepted using major credit cards; Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. A confirmation will be sent by email. Those who register will be able to log into their registration data to make changes, print their registration records, and obtain an official payment receipt.

Paul BunyanThe conference will be take place in Bangor, Maine, USA which stands at the edge of the great northern forests of northern Maine with easy access from major eastern USA airports.  The conference will be held at the new “Cross Center” located immediately next to conference accommodations…an easy walk from restaurants and entertainment in downtown Bangor.

For more information, visit the conference web site: http://2017ibfra.org

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